For A Lifestyle That Is
    Never Odd Or Even

    Welcome to a lifestyle in perfect balance.

    NOOE Hotels and Restaurants redefines what our work-life balance looks like. We’re a place where great things happen: A clubhouse for friends, the venue for dinner, and the place for drinks. Our studios and suites inspire work and creativity as much as rest and relaxation. There is an art to the perfectly balanced lifestyle, and it’s an artform we practice every single day.

    Welcome to a lifestyle that is Never Odd Or Even.

    Book Direct. Stay Perfect.

    NOOE Destinations

    NOOE Kunaavashi, Maldives

    NOOE Kunaavashi is an island paradise where you can rediscover balance. We’re an oasis of creativity and relaxation within the Vavu Attoll, a magical place where you can just be; enjoying a lifestyle that is Never Odd Or Even.

    Welcome to island time. Welcome to NOOE Kunaavashi.


    NOOE Highlights

    Find Perfect Balance

    We have designed our NOOE hotels to help you find your balance. If you’ve been flying at 200 mph with your hair on fire and need to drop down a gear; day clubs & pool sand spas are the perfect way to decompress. If you’re looking to ignite your passion for scuba, sailing, or fitness our glorious locations allow you to jump straight into adventure.

    Balance is an art, let us provide the canvas.

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