Luxury Water Villas in Maldives and Exquisite
Experiences at NOOE Hotels and Restaurants

Welcome to a lifestyle in perfect balance. NOOE Hotels and Restaurants are here to redefine what our work-life balance looks like. We offer a unique experience that combines great food, comfortable accommodations, and a sense of tranquility. At NOOE Maldives Kunaavashi, we have created an island paradise where you can rediscover a lifestyle in perfect harmony.

Imagine immersing yourself in a world of breathtaking beauty, surrounded by white sandy beaches and crystal blue waters. Our luxury water villas in the Maldives provide the perfect escape, allowing you to float above the tranquil waters of the Vavu Atoll. These luxury overwater villas near male offer uninterrupted views that showcase the abundant marine life that thrives in this area.

When it comes to dining, we believe that restaurants are at the heart of the NOOE experience. We take pride in serving authentic flavors from around the world, whether it’s the local cuisine of the Maldives, the culinary delights of Japan, or the vibrant cafe culture of the Mediterranean. Each of our six diverse dining experiences promises a unique gastronomic adventure.

At NOOE, we understand the importance of finding your own rhythm in paradise. Start your day with a sunrise yoga session by the poolside, or embark on a thrilling dive with nurse sharks. For those seeking relaxation, indulge in water sports, cooking classes, or pamper yourself with a rejuvenating spa treatment. And as the night falls, immerse yourself in the magic of the starry sky.

Located in the stunning Vaavu Atoll, also known as the “Wow” Atoll for its abundance of marine life, NOOE Kunaavashi is easily accessible from Male. You can reach us in just 60 minutes by speed boat or 24 minutes by seaplane, making it convenient for you to escape to paradise.

When it comes to accommodations, our studios and suites have been meticulously designed to offer both style and functionality. Each space has been carefully crafted to inspire work, creativity, and relaxation. We understand that space is essential for well-being, and our accommodations provide ample room for you to breathe, clear your mind, and rediscover a sense of calm.

NOOE Hotels also prioritize your well-being and comfort. We believe in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, which is why our gyms are stylish and super functional. From classic bodybuilding equipment to modern cardio machines and high-end HIIT accessories, our gyms offer everything you need to stay in shape. We ensure that every space is meticulously cleaned, with your health and safety as our top priority.

At NOOE, we also value the importance of finding moments of peace and tranquility amidst the busyness of life. Our serenity gardens are designed to provide a cool, calm, and green space where you can enjoy an elegant breakfast, afternoon tea, or a private dining experience. These gardens serve as a refuge, offering comfort and a sense of peace to help you reduce stress and find balance in your busy lifestyle.

We understand that connectivity is essential in today’s world, which is why we provide blazing-fast internet in all our hotels. Our Smart TVs allow you to stream your own content and browse our hotel directory and services. If you’re hosting a meeting with us, you can rely on our state-of-the-art, high-resolution screens and the assistance of our onsite technical staff to ensure a smooth setup.

At NOOE Kunaavashi Maldives, we offer two exceptional dining experiences: l·äm·ē – Flame and w·āsho’ku. Flame is an elegant chargrill restaurant situated above the deep turquoise blue of the Vavu Atoll. Here, you can indulge in a menu of local seafood, poultry, and an incredible selection of dry-aged meats. Every mouthful is crafted just for you, with mains served a la minute and steaks finished at your table. Pair your meal with martinis from our extensive wine list and savor a dining experience like no other.

Meanwhile, w·āsho’ku is our tribute to traditional Japanese cuisine. Derived from the words “wa” (meaning peace or harmony) and “shoku” (meaning meal), w·āsho’ku embodies the essence of a zen-like dining experience. Our chefs present a harmony of flavors through our teppanyaki grill and sushi bar, using locally sourced, organic ingredients. From handcrafted sushi to the precision and showmanship of our teppanyaki masters, w·āsho’ku offers a culinary journey in perfect harmony.

In addition to our exquisite accommodations, culinary delights, and serene settings, NOOE Hotels and Restaurants take pride in our Clubhouse and Day Clubs, which are designed to enhance your overall experience.

The Clubhouse serves as the heart of every NOOE hotel, offering stylish spaces where you can check-in, meet with clients and colleagues, or simply enjoy a drink with friends. Unlike traditional executive lounges and impersonal shared workspaces, our Clubhouses are bespoke-designed to align with their respective locations. Whether you’re looking to escape the tropical heat of your island paradise and relax into the blush of sunset or seeking a lively downtown Clubhouse with high-tech conference spaces, a poker room, and late-night entertainment, NOOE ensures that each Clubhouse caters to your specific lifestyle needs.

Our Day Clubs are no ordinary hotel pools. They are perfectly appointed with cabanas, sweeping umbrellas, and wooden sunbeds, all lining the gem-blue pool. From early-morning yoga sessions accompanied by a chilled-out soundscape to blissful Balearic beats that set the tone for a relaxing day, our Day Clubs offer a haven of relaxation and rejuvenation. Take a nap on one of our VIP Day beds before indulging in a glass of chilled rosé at the bar. Our food selection includes feel-good options such as pizzas, burgers, and fresh, crisp salads, perfectly accompanied by deliciously spiked sundowners.

In conclusion, NOOE Hotels and Restaurants offer a lifestyle in perfect balance. From our luxury water villas in the Maldives to our diverse dining experiences, serenity gardens, and well-equipped gyms, we strive to provide a haven where you can find tranquility, indulge in delicious food, and discover a sense of harmony. Come and experience the art of balance at NOOE Maldives Kunaavashi, luxury overwater villas near male, where we practice the artform of a perfectly balanced lifestyle every single day.


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