NOOE Maldives Kunaavashi

Balance Is An Art, Let Us Provide The Canvas.

Studios & Suites

Each of our studios and suites has been appointed as the perfect blend of style and function, inspiring work, and creativity as much as rest and relaxation.

Space is everything, it allows us to breath, clear our minds, and rediscover a sense of calm. Our studios and suites are each designed to support your well-being, as well as your comfort.

NOOE Kunaavashi Maldives, offers incredible Over Water villa’s that provide uninterrupted views across the crystal-clear waters of the Vavu Atoll, that is teeming with marine life.


Restaurants are at the heart of what NOOE offers the world. The flavours of the world, perfectly served on every plate, in all our hotels.

Some of our venues celebrate the authentic flavours and traditional dishes of the local culture, others strive for the dynamism and creativity of stylish international mega cities, and you’ll always find a chic cocktail bar or laid-back cafe to pause and reflect on your day.

Please visit our hotels to see what gastronomic delight await you in each of our locations.

The Clubhouse

The Clubhouse is the heart of every NOOE hotel, balancing stylish spaces for you to check-in, sit down with clients and colleagues, or enjoy a drink with friends.

Forget the tired old exec lounges, and impersonal shared workspaces, every NOOE Clubhouse has a bespoke designed aligned with its own location. It could be your place to escape the tropical heat of your island paradise and relax into the blush of sunset; or perhaps you’re looking for lively downtown Clubhouse, fully stocked with high-tech conference space, a poker room and entertainment late into the night.

NOOE Clubhouse is designed around your lifestyle, and they are Never Odd Or Even.

Day Clubs

These are no ordinary hotel pools. Perfectly appointed cabanas, sweeping umbrellas and wooden sunbeds line the gem-blue pool. A chilled-out soundscape accompanies early-morning yoga sessions that slowly fade into blissed-out Balearic beats as the day progresses.

Take a nap in one of our VIP Day beds, before drifting back to the bar, a glass of chilled rosé in hand. The food is a feel-good selection of pizzas, burgers and fresh, crisp salads, all accompanied by deliciously spiked sundowners.


Keep yourself in trim in our stylish, and super functional gym that perfectly balance style and efficiency. Classic body building tin, modern cardio machines, high-end HIIT accessories and loads of space to work up a sweat.

From immaculately maintained dedicated studios to expansive strength areas with pristine equipment, you’ll be inspired toward results and excited for every visit… even on holiday.

Every space is cleaned meticulously, with your health and safety our priority in each of your workouts.

Serenity Gardens

NOOE serenity gardens are an oasis from the heat, the noise, and the stress of daily life. Retreat into a cool, calm, green space for an elegant breakfast, afternoon tea, or private dining. It’s all about finding balance in your busy lifestyle.

Having a refuge, a little hideaway to find the comfort and calm your body needs, is important reduce your stress. Our Oasis, whether in a tropical island resort, or a global mega city embrace this ethos and will wrap you in the lush green of nature and the warm blanket of peace and quiet.

Seriously Well Connected

We are as high-tech as you are and provide guests with blazing fast internet in all our hotels. Our Smart TVs allow you to stream all your own content, as well as browse our hotel directory and services.

If you’re hosting a meeting with us, you can rely on our state of the art, high resolution screens and the added benefit of our onsite technical staff to help with any set up and troubleshooting. Please contact the hotels directly for a specification list.